About Sweet Science Coffee

Meet Sandra Wolter: CEO of Sweet Science Coffee, Specialty Coffee Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Mindset Coach

Sandra Wolter is a dynamic leader and innovator in the specialty coffee industry and a dedicated mentor for emerging entrepreneurs. Based in Dallas, Texas, Sandra travels frequently to oversee her expanding business operations in Washington DC. Her mission is centered on empowering first-time female entrepreneurs by helping them build a solid inner foundation before and during the launch of their businesses. Additionally, Sandra coaches established business owners, transforming their overwhelming challenges into inspired, actionable steps that achieve tangible results.
As a speaker on minding the gap between thought and inspired action, she brings her storytelling-based style to leadership- and corporate conferences.

Early Life and Career Shift

Born into a fifth-generation family coffee business in Germany, Sandra initially diverged from her coffee roots to explore other professional avenues. For fifteen years, she thrived as a journalist and reporter for NDR, a major German national television network. A pivotal year of soul-searching in 2013 led to a significant career transition, culminating in the founding of Sweet Science Coffee in Washington DC two years later. What started as a modest pop-up shop offering brewing classes soon evolved into a holistic, nationwide company dedicated to health-conscious coffee enthusiasts.

Innovative Approach to Coffee

Sandra holds a postgraduate degree in Coffee Excellence from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland. She views coffee not just as a beverage but as a versatile ingredient that, when combined with superfoods such as nootropic mushrooms and adaptogens, can enhance mental performance and wellbeing. Her unique approach includes working with herbalists and food scientists to develop coffee-based natural shots and snacks. "Craft coffee provides extensive health benefits beyond just a caffeine boost," Sandra explains. "Our products and the rituals of coffee-making encourage mindfulness and present moment awareness."

Published Works and Philosophies

Driven by her experiences and the common misconceptions she has observed among her clients, Sandra has authored a book titled Substance - Build Anything From Who You Are. Set for release in June 2024, the book underscores the importance of building a solid inner foundation to foster both business success and personal growth.

Education and Certifications

-Bachelor of Arts in Acting, Script-Writing, and On-Camera Work from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA
-Postgraduate Degree in Broadcast and Online Journalism from Procon Media, Germany
-Certified Barista Trainer and Coffee Business Coach from the Specialty Coffee Association
-Postgraduate CAS in Coffee Excellence from the University of Applied Sciences, Zurich/Switzerland

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