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Meet Sandra Wolter, CEO of Sweet Science Coffee

In My Own Words

Sweet Science started as a modest pop-up shop in Washington DC in 2015. I offered classes in brewing and the history of coffee, and “slow bar” pour-overs. The philosophy was to experience coffeetime consciously, beyond just caffeine kicks. Enjoy. Being. Awake was the motto, painted across the back wall. 

What You Sow

I come from a fifth-generation family coffee business, so I had a deep-rooted appreciation for the rituals around coffee making that I carried into Sweet Science. But I had no idea how truly meaningful those values would become eventually.

In my first career, I worked as a journalist and reporter for NDR, a large German television network. In those 13 years, I observed burnout, depression, anxiety, and inflated egos in colleagues—the works. News reporting is a high-pressure, competitive, 24/7 availability job. But it wasn’t until I shifted to entrepreneurship that I encountered those challenges firsthand.

What You Reap

As a new cafe owner, I dove headfirst into my new roles. I was never not at work. One of my baristas once said, “You are the only person I know where I am always sure where she is.” I took that as a compliment, go figure.

It felt great in the beginning; I had endless energy. People came in to watch, learn, and chill. But over the course of building that business from a one-woman show into a highly rated mecca for coffee nerds, reviewed by a renowned food critic and with serious cash investors showing interest, I went through phases of extreme exhaustion, emotional pain, and debilitating anxiety. After hours, of course, when no one was watching. At work, I was on point and got things done.

By 2018, the creative joy of “my coffee thing” was almost gone. I was a Doing, too damn busy to enjoy my Being, and I sure wasn’t Awake. From there, I started to physically decline.

The Shift

One night, I woke up in great pain. The ER doctor diagnosed a stomach ulcer and ultra-low blood pressure and said, “You should rest and stay away from caffeine. What do you do for work?” “I own a coffee shop, and I have to open in three hours.” I didn’t drink much coffee; I knew it was “just” stress. I opened a few hours later. Nice try, Universe.

A few years later, while dragging my business through COVID-19, I went for a blood test because I was “a bit tired.” In reality, I was barely able to make it up my street without panting. This doctor called me an hour after they had sent my blood sample to the lab. She said, “I don’t know how you managed to sit in front of me earlier, but you should be dead.” I was so anemic that my body had started to shut organs down to stay somewhat functional.

The irony (or saving grace) was that the only reason I went for that blood test was that my visa required me to go back to my home country to renew it. I had time to see a doctor; otherwise, I would have just dropped at work. I had to go straight to a hospital and get a transfusion. Over the next three days, I just lay there in total silence, unable to DO anything and oddly without any thought of tomorrow, worry, fear, or regret. I was forced to shift into neutral. That experience changed how I approach anything I choose to do today.


When I returned home to DC, I knew I had to make changes that felt right and were inspired by what I loved doing, which meant I had to return to looking closer at what I loved and start doing it from who I had become.

I love coffee for the immense flavor variety, the fascinating brewing chemistry, and the inner stillness it supports when crafted by hand. I wanted to create something around that. I have always been a research and data-driven person, so I went back to university to study Coffee Excellence and the effects of coffee on the brain and body. I also learned more about how crafting helps the mind allow soft focus and flow states that reduce anxiety and enhance creativity.

How ColdBrew+ Came Into Being

One surprising key finding during that time was that caffeine is not able to log on to neurotransmitters in the brain that keep sleepiness away if one wakes up rested. Those pathways are already blocked. This means that if someone wakes up tired enough to need coffee, there is an underlying lack of self-care to begin with.

For my research, this finding implied that tailoring the dose and timing of caffeine intake to a person’s individual schedule and goals, instead of outdated ideas of needing a 16oz morning habit, would make an effective difference in that person’s well-being. And it did! Combining those benefits with the positive effects of other known superfoods was a logical next step to amplify the results and provide a versatile, flavorful shot for health-conscious coffee lovers. No slumps, no jitters, no need to kick a habit. Full control and advantage of all the benefits that good coffee offers, like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Today, Sweet Science is a holistic, nationwide company dedicated to coffee and health. Everything we develop in partnership with herbalists and food scientists, from natural shots to online classes, is aimed at creating balance and clarity in daily life.

If you try it out, I’d love to hear from you.

In good health,


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