ColdBrew+ Superfood has Arrived

Expertly selected coffee beans cold-brewed to concentrated perfection, infused with select organic superfoods.

Our mission is to empower health-conscious coffee lovers to elevate their daily ritual.

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A Coffee Elixir

With a deep background in coffee, we've seamlessly integrated the power of superfoods like Lion's Mane, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, and the amino acid L-Theanine into our brews. The result is a nutritionally dense coffee concentrate that not only energizes but also enhances your well-being.

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    Coldbrew+ superfood is a cutting-edge beverage crafted for those who seek more than just a caffeine kick. This powerful elixir combines the smooth, rich flavors of specially selected coffee cold-brewed to perfection, with the potent health benefits of natural superfoods.

  • We use organic Cordyceps and Lions Mane extracts for sharp focus, and Reishi, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and Wild Bilberry extracts to promote calm and creativity. We created a drink that not only energizes but also nourishes your body and mind.


    Transform your beverage routine with our versatile cold brew concentrate. Designed for use in a variety of drinks, you can enjoy it pure, or mix it into your morning coffee, blend it with milk, or stir it into tonic over ice for a refreshing twist. Each recyclable glass bottle offers 8 - 12 servings and comes with a free mini vial for on-the-go enjoyment.

Customize Your Cold Brew

Add a shot of our ColdBrew+ superfood to your morning latte and instantly elevate your self-care routine.

Think clearer, develop greater patience, improve clarity, enhance awareness, and boost energy.

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  • Organic Lions Mane Extract

    Enjoy enhanced mental clarity and focus with our Lion's Mane-infused cold brew concentrate, SUBSTANCE . Lions Mane is known for boosting cognitive function and nerve health.

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  • Organic Cordyceps Extract

    Elevate your energy and stamina with our Cordyceps-infused cold brew concentrate SUBSTANCE. This powerful superfood is renowned for enhancing physical performance and vitality.

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  • Organic Reishi Extract

    Discover tranquility with our Reishi-infused cold brew concentrate, BRAIN CANDY. Known for its calming effects and immune support, Reishi helps promote relaxation and overall well-being.

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  • Organic Ashwagandha Extract

    Boost your resilience to stress with our Ashwagandha Extract-infused cold brew concentrate, BRAIN CANDY. Ashwagandha, a revered adaptogen, helps the body manage stress, enhances energy levels, and supports overall vitality.

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  • Organic Wild Bilberry Extract

    Celebrated for its high antioxidant content and vision support, Wild Bilberry offers a delicious way to boost your overall health.Enhance your antioxidant intake with our Wild Bilberry-infused cold brew concentrate, BRAIN CANDY.

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  • L-Theanine

    L-Theanine, an amino acid primarily found in green tea, promotes relaxation without drowsiness and improves focus and cognitive performance. Enhance your mental clarity and reduce stress with our L-Theanine-infused cold brew concentrate, BRAIN CANDY.

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Sweet Science


How do you source your coffee?

We partner with select roasters that we have worked with for years. Criteria are that they have long term personal relationships with the producers, transparent pricing, coffees from a variety of origins, and Specialty Grade beans representing the country (we want to explore flavor after all

 What kind of coffee do you use?

 We source our beans through our partner roaster in Virginia who produces seasonal coffees in small batches that allow for pure, unadulterated beverages, free from preservatives. That also means that our flavor profiles change slightly as the seasons change. The coffees are all specialty grade and come from farms that use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

 How much caffeine is in each shot?

Substance is our high voltage shot with the amount of caffeine as a 12 oz drip coffee would have. Or a triple shot of Espresso. Brain Candy has half that amount and True North is caffeine free. These numbers are for a 1.5oz shot. You may choose to take a smaller amount depending on your goals. 

 Can I add a shot to a drink?

Yes! ColdBrew+ are designed to work with many applications. Since the base is a concentrate, you can dilute it and get creative! Pour it over ice (take it on planes and ask for ice, one vial is below the allowed liquid amount for hand luggage), heat in some milk for a cortado or flat white, mix it with chocolate for a mocha, use it in desserts, cakes or even mocktails. We send you a link with drink recipe ideas from our lab when you order.  

How do you select the Superfoods you add?

 We source superfood extracts from FDA certified labs in the US and some fruit extracts (i.e. Bilberry) from certified labs in Europe as these superfoods are grown in specific regions of Europe.  We use extracts because they have great bioavailability. Which means you get the full benefit of the superfood. In powdered preparations which most mushroom coffees are, some beneficial ingredients are bypassed by your digestive system and not absorbed. What’s worse, the exact amount of what is available to your body changes depending on when you consume your product and at what time. In other words, the benefit you get from powders is unpredictable, even if you read the amount of ingredients on the label. Our products use extracts so you get a more potent shot with a predictable effect and the full value for your price. 

The recipes are developed by our coffee chemistry team, in partnership with a food scientist for scalability and an herbalist for potency. 

What is the difference between your coffees and ready to drink cans or concentrates?

 While our shots are ready to drink, they differ from cans and other such products in that we neither pasteurize coffee for extended shelf life, nor do we add gums to keep it stable without cooling. Pasteurizing adds a bacon - like smoky and ashy undertone to coffee which turns unpleasant quickly once the drink is opened, while gums are tough on the digestive system and can cause heartburn and aches. Our products require cooling but stay delicious and potent for up to two months even after opening. We also add no artificial or natural flavors (natural flavors means i.e. Vanilla that does not come from a Vanilla bean but any other natural source, such as a fungus or animal by-product).    

 Can I mix and match the shots?

Yes. It is all about timing and dosing to meet your personal goals. While we don’t recommend you take different shots at the same time as they can cancel each other out, we send you a guide with each order that you can use to set your schedule. I.e. you can take Substance for a kick before working out, early morning or before a mentally taxing meeting. And then later Brain Candy when you wind down and create something that requires quiet focus and flowing thoughts without keeping you up.   

 Are your products Vegan?

 Yes. Our shots are vegan, non-gmo, unsweetened, dairy-, nut- and soy-free. Please refer to the products page for a list of all ingredients and properties.

 How fast will I notice an effect? 

If taken daily most people will start noticing effects after about five days, even though some feel an immediate calming effect if they have never taken any mushroom supplements. What you will notice immediately in any case is the stimulating effect of the caffeine. 

Your body composition, absorption ability, and whether you take any other supplements will have an impact on how quickly you feel the benefit as well. 

Can I overdose on coldbrew+ and trigger adverse effects? 

 As with any type of supplement, too much of anything can have side effects. With mushroom extracts it is not likely, but still possible, that very sensitive users experience short term digestive distress. Because of the caffeine content, we recommend staying within or below the recommended dosages, and time your shots in line with your goals. If you are taking medication or experience discomfort, please speak with your healthcare provider before taking mushroom and caffeine supplements. 

Which kinds of coffees come in each set if I take a coffee course?

The practice sets change depending on when you start your course, because in specialty coffee everything happens for a season.

Growing regions are often adversely affected by climate change, pests and in some cases war. We carefully review and select offers from current harvests that showcase flavor as well as the work of producers and cooperatives.

Every set also includes Minerals for the right brewing water as well as ground coffee samples to match with your grinder settings. 

What tools do I need in order to take a coffee course?

For the Starter course, you only need a brewer, filters and a gooseneck kettle. This can be a temp kettle or a simple stovetop one that you just use for pouring.

For Explorer and Creator, you need the above and a grinder. 

We are not using a scale during the course, however if you have one at home it'll be helpful in order to dose coffee and water.

What else is included in the course besides the training videos and coffee?

On your personal dashboard you find quizzes that unlock the next level of your experience as well as info on the coffees you practice with, messages from the people that grew the coffees, and the roasters that we partner with.

As part of the SSC community you have lifelong access to a growing library of coffee resources and videos providing background about coffee growing, processing, roasting, brewing, buying and storage guides, sustainability research and fact checks, downloadable brew logs, and the latest scientific findings in coffee. We hope you will join our GOAT Club members only page and exchange thoughts about and over coffee!

When does my coffee course begin after I sign up?

Our partner will roast and ship your coffee within three days following the 1st or the 15th of each month. In which cycle you fall depends on your sign up date. Please note that the sign up triggers the coffee order. If you need to start later please let us know in the comment box at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate.  

The Introduction is available upon sign up and each Module automatically unlocks in a five day sequence after that. However, please note that you have to mark all lessons and the quiz "completed" in order to earn your batches and unlock rewards.  

Meet Sandra Wolter, the Founder and Teacher at Sweet Science Coffee and a Fifth-Generation Coffee Professional

Set for release in June 2024 Sandra has authored a book titled Substance - Build Anything From Who You Are.

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